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Agros 1/1/2012

Dear Friends

The Internet, which is the most modern and excellent way of communication, allows us to acquire information and be aware of facts & events that take place throughout our entire planet.

The Community Council of Agros, utilizing the new technology and responding to the modern needs of today, has created its own web-page in the Internet, aiming to provide to all humanity the opportunity of getting to know and learning about the unique natural beauty and the sights of our developing community, as well as the history, the culture, the tradition, the heritage, and the manners & customs of our homeland.

After three years of continuous presence in the Internet, we have upgraded our web-page in order to make it more functional and we have enriched it with new pages and new material so that it covers the entire spectrum of the historic, cultural, financial, social, and other activities in our community.

Through our new pages you will have a magical tour and you will get acquainted with our beautiful, hospitable, and progressive village.

You will be impressed and excited by the captivating and warm environment of the «RΟDΟΝ» Hotel, as well as other areas such as entertainment centers / restaurants, shops, small industries, workshops, parks, and churches.

It is with great joy that I welcome you to the renewed electronic pages of the Agros community and I hope that some day you will pay us a visit so as to admire our unparalleled natural beauty from up close.

Best Regards

Michalis Constantinides 
President of the Community Council of Agros.